1. Life is the most valuable gift that was given to us; however, man-made or natural disasters can take this away from us. The power or nature can cause huge human and economical loss as we do not know how to prepare ourselves for disasters.
  2. We can loose our loved ones because of disasters
  3. Disasters cause human loses but also hamper the economic development.
  4. In terms of the number of casualties and the size of property damage, earthquake is the most important threat among all disaster types in our country.
  5. 71 % of our population is living in first and second degree earthquake zones
  6. Scientists stated that there is a %50 risk to face a major earthquake in Istanbul in 30 years where the population density is so high.
  7. According to Istanbul Earthquake Master Plan, it is estimated that there will be between 73 to 87 thousand dead and 120 to 135 thousand heavily wounded by a possible earthquake in Istanbul.
  8. Usually it takes up to 3 days for professional such as Civil Defense, Fire Brigade, etc. to respond the neighborhood residents after a disaster due to their priorities like public buildings like hospitals, schools, governmental buildings, etc.
  9. First 72 hours is the most critical period for rescue operations after major disasters. Most of the victims are rescued by the non-trained and non-equipped neighbors and family members within the first 24 hours.
  10. Neighborhood residents have to take care themselves until the professional teams arrive.
  11. First response without knowledge, training and equipment often causes damage instead of relief.
  12. Disasters are caused by nature. However most harm comes from poor building quality and lack of disaster awareness and knowledge.
  13. Disaster awareness can be raised with education programs in neighborhood level and awareness campaigns in both national- local/neighborhood levels.
  14. Creating the response capacity on neighborhood level is an essential element in National Disaster Management.
  15. Ensuring voluntary and active participation of citizens is the guarantee of the success of National Disaster Management.


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